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Fat Chief Media have been established since 2005.

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Quality Production Services for all your Video Needs

Video Production

Professionally cut and edited to deliver high impact video creative

Fat Chief Media is an award-winning video production and Marketing company.

We have worked with globally recognised brands including American Airlines, Sky, NOW TV, MasterCard, Ford, McDonalds, Bic, Barclays, Paperchase and The Carphone Warehouse. We are also a perfect solution for growing brands, start-ups and business simply looking for video production and publishing to increase their visibility.

Start-up’s, Corporate, Small Brands and Big Brands

We love working with brands to develop engaging, on the pulse, communicative brand exposing video production that resonate and inspire. We are intuitive, experienced, versatile and truly care about you and what you’re trying to achieve. At Fat Chief, having also a digital marketing team, we can subsequently offer a strong, analytically based plan of action to effectively communicate your message to the widest and precisest possible audience.

Furthermore, we know how to get the most out of your budget. We are a complete-service video production company based in london, with our entire team right here, in-house. This means we deliver a fast, reliable turn-around whilst always searching for new ways to create more efficient workflows and optimise the efficacy of your project as a whole.

So call us for your next  marketing campaign and you’ll not only get a video production company that wins awards for quality and creativity, but you’ll also be using a video production company fully equipped to deliver that content in a way that gets results.

Working with Agencies Globally

For over 10 years, Fat Chief have also been creating corporate, commercial and promotional video content for agencies. Growing simultaneously with our Digital Marketing team we’ve developed a more detailed understanding than you’d normally expect to find in a standard Video Production Company – namely, how to incorporate your new video content into a wider marketing campaign.

We remain diligent and detailed to your creative ideas ensuring we always stay firmly within brand and securely on message whilst also offering expert advice on the most efficient methods of rolling out your campaign across multiple media platforms.

Simply supply us with your storyboard and we’ll take it from there, right up to the final cut, mastering and ultimate distribution. Contrastingly, we’re used to getting stuck in to the creative process before the project gets the go-ahead and can work with you to help you land that next big pitch!

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